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Builders has drywall solutions for healthier, quieter, and more comfortable homes. We have solutions for every room bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, nursery, home office, media room, living room, garage and basement.

Whether you are patching and repairing, or hanging new drywall Builders has all the drywall and supplies you will need. We stock a range of materials including drywall, drywall texture, cement board, drywall screws, joint compound, and more.

Drywall Panels

USG SHEETROCK® Brand Ultralight Panels

Introducing the first and only certified sag-resistant lightweight wallboard that is ICC-certified for both walls and ceilings.

USG Sheetrock® Brand UltraLight Panels are the lightest ½-inch wallboard panels available, weighing up to 10 pounds less per 12-foot sheet. USG Sheetrock® Brand UltraLight Panels are the only lightweight ½-inch wallboard panels that are building code approved for ceiling installations, which means only one type (excluding wet areas) of ½-inch panel is needed for a typical project. 4′ x 8′ to 4′-1/2″ x 14′

Features and Benefits

USG Sheetrock® Brand UltraLight Panels are up to 30% lighter and stronger, pound-for-pound than standard drywall.

  • The lightest ½-inch gypsum wallboard panels available
  • Easier to lift, carry and install
  • Lightweight speeds installation
  • ICC Evaluation Service compliant for ceiling installations, ESR-3365

Joint Compounds

All purpose joint compound is a versatile, ready-mixed, joint compound used for taping, topping, and texturing. Ready-mixed formulation ensures uniformity.

Topping joint compound is a low-shrinkage joint compound for topping and texturing. Available in a 50 lb box.

Plus 3 lightweight joint compound is an easy-to-sand joint compound for taping and texturing. It weights up to 35% less than conventional compounds and requires only 2 coats over metal beads and trims. Available in a 4.5 gallon bucket.

Setting-tape joint compounds require mixing but can be sanded earlier. We stock Durabond 90, with a 60 – 120 minute working time, and Easy Sand 45, with a 30 – 60 minute working time.